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Chit-Chat tutoring has worked hard on relationships with schools, in order to
obtain spot-on information/content for Afrikaans and Maths, of what is specifically
needed for each exam in order to prepare students for their exams, the best way
we can.
Our online packages have been prepared with great care and attention to details.
We often get feedback such as “The BEST money I have ever spent!” Should you
see a package that is NOT saved as a specific school’s name, that package will be a
general CAPS-based package for the grade you have requested.
We can custom-make Afrikaans packages for your specific grade/school @ R300 per
package. We will need a 4-day advance warning and a very specific list of exam
content from your child’s school.
We are very focused on customer satisfaction and feedback. Please contact us
should you have any query on existing packages, or suggestions on extending our


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